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St. Raphael Catholic School incorporates Stewardship throughout the year.  Most importantly, we encourage all students to participate and demonstrate that we are a community following in Jesus’ footsteps and serving others. 

Time and talent is what our students, faculty and staff, and parents give of themselves. A few examples of this are organizing and participating in toy, clothing, food, book, blanket, coat drives, and  school supplies.  Depending on the need of the community, whether domestic or international, the students have coordinated activities to collect money for natural disaster victims.  The money was donated to the Catholic Relief Services specifically for the natural disasters (hurricane and tsunami).

Students also take part individually in service by making friendship cards for law enforcement, fire fighters, and border patrol.  Other students create Valentine Day Cards for different agencies in the community, such as, nursing homes, hospitals, and veterans.

Older students are encouraged to volunteer at different agencies or for the many non-profit event activities. 8th grade students are required to complete 18 hours of service.  Students commit to helping others by altar serving, singing or playing instruments in the church choir,  through school safety patrol, setting up and cleaning-up at school or church events,  manning booths at diocesan festivals, manning water tables at non-profit running events, visiting nursing homes and busing tables there, volunteering at the Humane Society, tutoring younger students, stuffing back packs for housing authority and more.  Individual services may change year to year with the interests of students. 

Through student clubs or groups, social activities have also been set up.  Some examples are: going to shelters housing children and hosting Christmas or Easter parties and at times simply helping the children there make gift cards for their moms.  These activities include having snacks and handing out gifts or baskets.

As a caring community willing to serve, we will continue to commit ourselves to serve as Jesus did.


Featured Story on Service

December, 2017

It all started when Kaylee Castillo in  2nd grade heard the story about refugees that were passing through the El Paso area and were staying in shelters. Kaylee had done her school saint report on Mother Teresa and was very moved by Mother Teresa and her generosity.  She decided that she did not want any toys for Christmas so she could purchase teddy bears to give to refugee children. She wanted to give the children a teddy bear so they could feel safe and secure. She bought candy with her allowance to sell and raise some money to buy teddy bears.  She sold candy for two weeks. She raised enough money to purchase 100 teddy bears. She also received  donations from family and friends and was able to purchase 78 more bears.  Johnson Jewelers heard her story on KVIA News and donated 100 more teddy bears to her Bearathon. She handed out the teddy bears at St Marks Church where most of the refugees were staying. She had enough teddy bears to give to The Child Crisis Center, area hospitals and The Center Against Sexual Family Violence.