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Special Programs/Activities

Special Programs/Activities


  • Art:  The art curriculum for primary and middle school grades is the introduction to various media and artistic styles used to create art.  This course is designed to enrich the lives of its participants through discovery and creative problem solving.  As our students progress a goal is the development of awareness, appreciation of art, the visual experience and limitless creative paths in which art contributes to society.

  •  Band: The band program at St. Raphael Catholic School is began in 2006.  Band is an elective class which is composed of 7th and 8th grade students. They have two performances during the school year.  They will perform during the Advent Program and the Lenten Program.
  • Music:  Music class at St. Raphael School is for students in Pre-Kinder through Fifth grades.  We spend part of every class learning songs for Mass or for Student Programs.  The remainder of the time is spent on learning basic musical concepts on a level appropriate to each age.  These concepts include beat, rhythm, pitch, melody, mood, tone color, dynamics, form, style, tonality, and harmony.  We listen to musical selections to illustrate each concept, and also learn to identify the instruments we hear.  We learn to sing many folk songs from around the world with which students can practice each concept.  We perform a lot of movements with our songs, and several times during the year we play rhythm instruments with them.  Fifth graders spend much of their time in music class learning to play the recorder, a simple flute-like instrument.  They learn to play and read familiar folk songs on the treble staff.  We have an enjoyable time in music class learning how to praise our God and how to better express ourselves through song.

  •  Spanish Language Program:  Currently in our classes, we are going through vocabulary, conversational exercises, as well as phrases according to the student’s grade.  In addition we have touched briefly on traditions, history and cultural information primarily of Mexico.  We strive to give students a general and basic understanding of what the Spanish language is all about.

  • Spelling Bee: The Spelling Bee at St. Raphael is a great opportunity for students to challenge themselves in an intellectual manner.  While the traditional classroom spelling bees have students competing against the same students week after week, the school spelling bee welcomes challengers from 3rd all the way to 8th.  Some may not believe that these events can get exciting or even get the blood pumping like sports do, but they are indeed wrong.  Spelling bees of the past here at St. Raphael have seen younger students upset some of their older counterparts.  There have also been times where the students go back and forth for quite a while.  Spelling Bee is not your typical challenge, but it is one worth trying!