St. Raphael Catholic School

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Admissions Process

St. Raphael School admits students regardless of race, color, ethnic, religion or national origin. The school accepts students with a handicap(s) to the extent that we are able to service the student with our existing facilities and personnel.

         Temporary Summer Office Hours
         8:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M.  
         Office Hours
         7:30 A.M – 4:00 P.M.

  General Requirements
    1. Age Requirements
        A student must be:
             three years of age before September 1st for 3K (Pre-kinder for 3 year olds)
             four years of age before September 1st for 4K (Pre-kinder)
             five years of age before September 1st for 5K (Kindergarten)
             six years of age before September 1st for 1st grade

   2. New Student
    An assessment test is given to all new students to determine their strengths and weaknesses in conjunction with our curriculum. A fee of $25.00 is required for the testing. This is not any entrance exam.

      Following documentation is required
       Birth Certificate – Original Copy (Not hospital)
       Health/Immunization Records
       Physical Examination (the official form is supplied by the school)
       Most recent Report Card

New students are accepted conditionally and are on probation for the first year. If St. Raphael School’s behavioral and/or academic standards are not complied with, that student will be asked to leave. All new students will be given a trial period in which to prove himself/herself both socially and academically. If during this trial period there are any problems, a student may be asked to withdraw his/her attendance at St. Raphael Catholic School.

Any student who has been placed on probationary status for either academics or behavior will not be allowed to pre-register in the spring without approval of the Principal.

 3. Registration Fee
    A registration fee from 3K-8th grade is required for each student at time of registration.
    All fees are payable by due date and are non-refundable.