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Technology is very active at St. Raphael Catholic School. Pre – K through 8th Grade attend classes in technology in the computer lab as well as technology in the classrooms. Pre – K Through 5th grade attend computer class once a week with lessons following the Texas Teks on computer literature. Students learn proper keyboarding skills, word processing skills, databases, searching techniques on the internet, power point presentations and so much more.


6th through 8th grade go to the computer lab daily in the afternoon for 1 semester. They cover areas such as keyboarding skills, word processing, spreadsheets, databases, desktop publishing, Powerpoint and Prezi presentations and group projects. Eighth graders build web pages using HTML Coding, study video editing and podcasting.  7th Grade,  if time permits programming.

6th grade studies keyboarding skills, word processing, lessons on copyright do’s and don’ts, and spreadsheets.


Our C.O.W. (Computer on Wheels) which have chromebooks that students use in their classrooms is checked out to classrooms daily. We purchased the iStation reading program which is used by the students on these chromebooks.  A second C.O.W. will be ready very soon which will have Android Tablets for the students to use in the classroom.


BYOD is alive and active in our school. Students from 5th grade to 8th grade have been bringing tablets to school, connecting to our WIFI to help with their studies. Students and teachers use Google Classroom, Google Docs, and other google products to enhance their learning.


Technology for the Teachers at our school includes a chromebook for each teacher. Each teacher has an LCD projector in their rooms and three of our teachers have a J touch board in their classrooms. The J touch is a Whiteboard that can be wirelessly connected to our chromebooks. It is a touch screen which creates better interaction between teachers and students. We are working on getting more J touch boards for our school.


To make this all possible, we upgraded our wireless in the school last winter. We upgraded to the new ac standard. Our WiFi reaches throughout t the whole building.


For two years now we have had robotics in our school. We use Lego mindstorm and Lego wedo. Mindstorm is for our older students and wedo is for our younger students.


St. Raphael School uses RENWEB, an online grading program. Through the Parent Portal, parents can see their child(ren)'s assignments and grades. No more surprises. Parents get the report card through renweb. They can also communicate with the teacher through the email portion of renweb.


While speaking about communicating with the parents, I would also add that our teachers use class dojo. This program helps parents see how their child does in school every day. Teachers can leave messages and icons to the parents which show the behavior of their child(ren).